Naxos Island is well known to the world for its famous beaches . The beaches starts  from Naxos Town (Chora) and to the South of it .

  • First beach which is in the town is Saint George Beach which is ideal for the visitors who likes a well organized beach in the town without having to use any transportation to reach it. At Saint George Beach there is also the ability to try your abilities to water sports .           

  • When we go South of the Chora and after 4,5 km away there is the famous beach of Agios Prokopios which is also well organized and for the most of the visitors considered as the best beach of Naxos Island  and one of the best ones in Greece . In a few meters from the beach you can find cafe-bars , restaurants , tavernas , mini market and what ever you like and you need.

  • 1km southern of the Agios Prokopios Beach  is Agia Anna Beach also well organized more suitable to families and a little bit quiter.
  • After this is Plaka Beach which in the last  few years has more fans  . Here you can find also 2 campings to stay , many tavernas and restaurants.
  • After Plaka Beach is Orkos Beach - Mikri Vigla which is very famous for the weather conditions which are suitable for the fans of windsurf and kitesurf. Many professionals every year come in Orkos Beach for vacations and training.
  • Kastraki - Alyko - Pyrgaki are the three beaches after Orkos which is quiter and more suitable for families
  • Also there are small bays around the island such as Agiassos , Panermos , Kalantos , Apollonas , Lionas , Ammitis Abram where you can enjoy thesea and sun.  

    The most of the times we have strong north winds so we recommend you for swimming if you do not like big waves the beaches of Agios Prokopios , Mikri Vigla , Alyko , Pyrgaki

  • Orkos Beach Hotel

    Orkos Beach Hotel

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  • Paradisos Studios & Apart

    Paradisos Studios & Apart